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Freedom Three Prepares You to Control Your Future

Do you have a great story idea but don’t know where to begin? There are many companies offering authors a multitude of different opportunities to assist in helping to self-publish books and it can all not only be very confusing but one must also be very careful. Unfortunately, there are companies that I fear are taking advantage of peoples dreams. With that said, it is a very exciting time for creative people. Never in history has there been this much opportunity to not only publish a book but be able to make it available to a vast audience –– If, it is done the right way! We have over 15-years of experience in book publishing, sales, marketing, distribution, co-branding and work with a vast network of printers, paper companies, and partners in the book publishing industry. We have the knowledge and expertise to help guide you through the process––while making it an enjoyable experience, as it should be! We arm authors with all of the necessary tools to be sure that the product you bring to market is of the highest quality.

Although our sales, distribution and marketing strength mostly focuses on books that have environmental education and music related themes, we have enough experience and know-how to support most any given genre. If we don’t have the distribution in place, well, we will work with you and together blaze a new trail!

We have THREE publishing packages to choose from:


The Gold Tier benefits those that are seeking to work on their writing and publishing projects on a part/to full-time basis. The budget is there to take full advantage of Freedom Three Publishing’s network and vast experience with sales, marketing, distribution, co-branding and sales platform into some of the most highly sought after retail markets including but not limed to: Whole Foods Markets, REI outdoor retail, gift shops, zoos, aquariums, national parks, museums, botanic gardens, science centers and more. These high-level, niche outlets have the potential to not only give legitimacy to your product but also aid in more rapidly building your brand!

Under this type of support platform, we are better able to help anyone that wants to make their dream of seeing their book in print a reality. For Gold and Silver tier pricing, please contact Freedom Three Publishing via the contact tab on our website and tell us more about yourself and your project. From there we can arrange a free 30-minute consultation and come up with an action plan for success.


The Silver category is recommended for those that have set high goals for their book project, have a solid fan base in place, and that would benefit from having a broad range of distribution outlets in place upon book launch and wish to be connected into Freedom Three Publishing’s database of US book printers, sustainable paper suppliers, and some of our niche distribution partners. This tier comes with consulting support but again, is for someone that already has some knowledge and experience in independent publishing but needs help with sales and marketing and support getting their book placed into retail outlets.


The bronze category typically consists of a one to two-hour question/answer consultation over the phone and or Skype. We can accomplish a lot together in just a couple of hours that can make all the difference in being sure to minimize mistakes in the process and be sure that you are happy with your end product. This category is generally, (but not always) geared toward the first-time author that is in the process of working on generating a following for their projects.


$55 per hour. $125 for 3-hour blocks. *A 10% discount is available for non-profit organizations (501c3).

Self-Publishing Options

Having committed to taking the DIY route, authors usually need to decide how much to take on themselves versus outsourcing. We provide important advice to help our clients make the best choices from the many options available. Upon learning more about a given projects goals, objectives and budget, together we will decide which tier would be best suited for your book project.

Self-Publishing – what’s involved and how do I do it?

We can guide you through self-publishing step-by-step, helping you to build and execute a publishing plan for creating, distributing and selling your book(s) under your own publishing house.

Book Sales and Distribution

We help authors & non-profit organizations understand how to get their books into bookstores and other retail outlets (physical and online) and what to expect. Freedom Three Publishing has developed strong retail sales and distribution outlets in the niche, non-returnable markets, working with over 10 distribution companies, as well as developing successful direct to consumer sales platforms. We can help with getting your books in front influential buyers if that is your objective.

Print Management

There are many options for printing and the best option for you depends on the nature of your book, your budget, and your schedule. We can supply print quotes and provide you with all the information you need to help you make a sound decision. We work with the best printers and paper manufactures, and have contacts with some of the most talented graphic designers/artists, book cover designers in the country and abroad.

Marketing & Publicity

For the self-publishing author, this is a critical but often intimidating part of the process. It needn’t be. Using traditional marketing techniques but made easy, we help clients to identify and segment their market, solidify their key messages, and develop simple, actionable marketing and publicity plans. As well as introduce you to people in your industry that will help build your brand and expand on your story.