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The Flute

About the Story

When Zack’s father takes away his video game, he feels it’s the end of the world! Frantically, he turns his house upside down. Where did his father hide his video game this time? His search leads him on a journey around the world, and he discovers a new passion. The Flute is a story for all ages about the power music plays in a child’s life.


The Flute is the kind of book I love to read to children. It teaches them something inspiring about the world around them. Beautifully illustrated it takes kids on a trip around the world, discovering the joy of creating music rather than getting drawn into video games. To discover at the end that the book is partly a tribute to the author’s grandfather who founded a famous Folk Music Center in Claremont, California really warmed my heart. Thumbs way up!!
– Nancy Mehagian

“I read this book to my 5 year old daughter who suddenly became intrigued by all the instruments in the book. We ended up going to the Claremont Folk music store a few days after reading the book and she thought it was magical. We bought a flute and a hand drum. She can’t stop talking about the book and the music store. Joel Harper has inspired the inner musician in my child that was waiting to come out.”
– Michele D

“The Flute is an amazing read as well as very inspirational to children of all ages, including myself as a grandmother, my children & grandchildren! The story is well written with beautiful memories of the Folk Music Center and lovely illustrations. As with all of Joel’s books, they are relatable and draw from experience in an easy & enjoyable read! Loved it!”
– April A. Mcdonald

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